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Design and Development of One hand Braille

a one-handed Braille-based text input method for touch-based mobile phones
Related to the advanced interface research for special target groups within the AIR project, an innovative text input method for touch-based mobile phones was elaborated which enables users to input Braille letters in two steps with one hand. As a basis for the design of a prototype user research was conducted with the potential target user group of technophile visually impaired and blind users.

In contrast to other research or commercial applications One hand Braille facilitates a natural holding of the mobile phone while the users are only minimally dependent on auditory feedback when they enter well-known Braille letters. As a next step the method is going to be evaluated in a comparative study. One hand Braille is one step towards achieving accessibility of touch-based mobile phones for visually impaired and blind users.

Free hand gesture-based interaction for elderly

In this activity CURE investigates whether performing free hand gestures is an appropriate alternative for older people to control a TV.  The study compares four different kinds of free hand gesture interaction to control a TV menu with four or eight elements. Each of the interaction modes was measured regarding performance time, error rate, usability and acceptance by the participants.

For the two latter aspects we assessed seven relevant items of the so called Technology Acceptance Model (TAM3). Results show that older people have a very positive attitude to gesture-based interactions and enjoyed performing the gestures. The worst rated technique still received a neutral overall score.

Directly transferring tracked hand movements to control a cursor at the TV screen scored best overall and is thus the most suitable alternative for a TV remote control used by the elderly. Apart from getting rid of the remote control gesture, based interactions also have the advantage to prompt some physical activity for the elderly.