Project Consortium

AIR has assembled a powerful consortium to tackle the ambitious challenges of the project. It consists of three scientific partners, which are CURE Center for Usability Research & Engineering (Consortium Leader), the HCI Unit of the ICT&S Center of the University of Salzburg and the FH Hagenberg Mobile Computing Unit. With their experience they are well suited to cover the defined scientific goals of the project. The scientific partners are internationally known and recognized research institutions in the realm of Human Computer Interaction. FH Hagenberg is known for its innovative approaches in the realm of interface design and advanced interface solutions.

Company partners are mayor Austrian (partially global) industry players in related fields of this project. Further, the consortium consists of ten industry partners including Graz AG Verkehrsbetriebe, Musterhotel GmbH, A1 Telekom Austria AG, Skidata AG, KEBA AG, Emporia, PLOT, Ovos, NTS, COMMEND and Noldus Information Technology.