CURE - Center for Usability Research and Engineering


CURE is one of Europes leading organizations in the area of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), User Experience Research, User Interface Design, User-Centred Design, Usability Engineering, and Next Generation Interfaces.

CURE comprises a highly interdisciplinary team of around 40 people with diverse skills, assembled from a variety of disciplines. CURE has been successfully active as project partner and coordinator in more than 300 projects on a national and international level (e.g. FP5/6/7 & AAL Joint Programme).

Within AIR, CUREs most important role as Manager of the project is the successful and cooperative development and delivery of the project. CURE will perform a key role in the project to ensure that the AIR technology is aligned to the needs from end-users and partners.

The AIR project focuses on interaction innovations in the Home and Extended Home Context, in the Context Mobility and in the Context Advanced Service Interaction. In order to develop most innovative interaction conceptions in these areas, CURE will particularly rely on a user-centered design approach, participatory design methods, living labs and contextual prototyping.

Within the differenct contexts, CURE will investigate current and emerging interaction techniques in order to improve the quality of interaction and increase the user experience of systems that make use of these interaction techniques, such as touch and multi-touch interactions, gestures and gaze interaction as well as tangible interaction.

Furthermore, CURE will contribute to the development of the project and conduct lab and field trial evaluations to ensure the validity of the project. A central strategic goal of CURE is the establishment of AIR as THE national network on Advanced Interface Research and to develop it in sustaining way.

CURE plans to immediately exploit the innovations in the projects (mainly in terms of innovative building blocks for further cooperative research activities) in follow up research proposals, in scientific publications as well as in innovative interaction showcases. AIR will definitely raise the value of the CURE portfolio and in particular support its movement to more interface innovation activities.