Project Objectives


The Advanced Interface Research (AIR) project is settled in three specific interaction contexts (domains), which are marked as areas of research:

1)      The Context Home and Extended Home

2)      The Context Mobility

3)      The Context Advanced Service Areas

The overall goals in this three designated application contexts of the project rest on three pillars, namely qualitative, methodological and constructive goals. Each context is unique in terms of contextual factors and types of possible advanced interactions. In these contexts different types of users with different expectations and know-how interact with the interfaces available:

The AIR project will consist of one area, named Experience centered development of advanced interactions. This area includes 4 research projects. For each area of research there is one project:

         Project 1: Advanced Interfaces in the Context Home and Extended Home

         Project 2: Advanced Interfaces in the Context Mobile

         Project 3: Advanced Interfaces in the Context Advanced Service Interactions (as well referred as service context)

As strategic project a fourth one is introduced dealing with methodology research needed for the three different contexts:

         Project 4: Experience Centered Innovation and Evaluation Methods (Strategic)