FH Hagenberg


The Hagenberg Campus of the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences is part of the "Softwarepark Hagenberg", which also hosts several research departments and software companies. With its unique combination of education, research and business, Hagenberg has established itself as a dynamic center of computing and software development with an international reputation. The Mobile Computing department at Campus Hagenberg is the premier venue for education and research in mobile software development and advanced interface solutions in Austria and southern Germany, with close contacts to major mobile phone network operators (Mobilkom/Vodafone, T-Mobile) and handset manufacturers (Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, Microsoft). The current as well as the next generation platform for Emporia mobile phones have been developed in cooperation with R&D personnel at Campus Hagenberg.

Our main interest is the development of an interface evaluation toolkit for mobile platforms, which will help to evaluate the usability of applications running on mobile devices. It will provide in-depth information about how a certain mobile application is used over long periods of time, like for example navigation paths, performed operations and occurred errors, and therewith facilitate the automated localization of more or less critical problems in the user interface. We expect this toolkit to be valuable also for consortium members for which mobile applications play a central role in their everyday business.

Automated user interface testing is still a little investigated topic in mobile computing, and we aim at publishing the design, implementation and evaluation of our toolkit at international conferences and in journals. Our long-term goal is a robust and flexible implementation of the toolkit, which we plan to release as open-source software in order to reach many developers and advance the toolkit further.