ICT&S Salzburg, University of Salzburg


The Human-Computer Interaction & Usability Unit of the ICT&S Center deals with specific questions related to design, development, and evaluation of existing and emerging interaction systems and environments. In particular, the HCI & Usability Unit studies and develops enhanced forms of user experience and is engaged in studying and developing new interaction paradigms, such as in the area of Networked Media, Home and Extended Home, Human-Robot Interaction, Mobile Interaction, Ambient Assisted Living, Ambient and Situated Interfaces, Ambient Persuasion and Contextual Interfaces. The existing expertise and knowledge on Networked Media and the Home, Mobile Interaction as well as on Contextual Interfaces will be of special importance within the AIR project.

The AIR project complements our focus on User Experience Research and Contextual Interfaces. Within the project we will further extend our work on context models, on user experience models and on the advancement of the respective methods for these domains. The AIR project will allow us to experiment with, develop and evaluate advanced interaction approaches in cooperation with consortium partners, exploiting our newly developed Experimental Lab and the AIR projects Living Lab approach.

The strong orientation of AIR towards prototyping as well as evaluation in real settings in cooperation with partners will allow us to conduct state-of-the-art research. Delivering groundbreaking insights and knowledge in the domains of the AIR project will prepare the ground for the enhancement of our portfolio of research activities and domain experiences (e.g. publication and cooperation record) as well as follow up activities.