Emporia is a family business founded in 1991 specialized in mobile phones for the 50+ generation. Emporia employs 100 people, is located in Linz (Austria) and is represented worldwide in 30 countries with its innovative telecommunications products and broad spectrum of mobile phones and accessories.

Emporia is the worldwide technology leader for 50+ mobile phones, the target group also includes people of all age that look for basic and simple communication . Therefore we implement the simplicity of making calls into our phones."Reducing to the essentials" requires a vast amount of directed research and development. To make this possible, one in three emporia employees works in research and development.

Emporia develops and produces only products and features are relevant for the end-user. For getting in touch with the end-user, emporia regularly use well-known methods such as focus groups, crowd sourcing and depth interviews. Within the AIR project improved methods tailored to the special needs of emporia will be developed.

The main focus within the AIR project is on user experience in the interactive process and the integration of various research disciplines and the possibility of delivering solutions to the customers that already contain an integrated approach to not only create mobile telephony and product solutions for the everyday life but also the price structures and the technical overall infrastructure.

Emporia aims to develop a mobile phone including GPS and emergency call functionality via a separate emergency button at the mobile phone or at a wristband. On the topic of serious gaming emporia aims to test on whether touch interfaces are usable for elderly and what would be the conditions, constraints and requirements for usable touch interfaces for emporias target group? Emporias goal within the AIR project is to answer these questions.