Holding Graz Linien


Holding Graz Linien, formerly known as Grazer Verkehrsbetriebe (GVB), is a public transport service and infrastructure operator in the wider area of Graz, Austria and the largest mobility provider in southern Austria transporting approximately 271.000 people per day. The main point of service for ticketing is provided by the ticketing terminals that are installed in the trams and busses operated by Holding Graz Linien (currently around 70 trams and 136 busses).

Holding Graz Linien is permanently cooperating with external partners in order to improve public transport services, but is not focussing on research work.

The main focus of Holding Graz Linien is to measure and further improve the quality of service provided in all domains. Within the AIR project, this applies particularly to the ticketing terminals that are introduced in the new line of trams, the Variobahn that is currently being deployed. In addition to several technical challenges in deploying these terminals, one major aspect is the interface, which needs to adapted to a wide variety of users under the constraints of being operated in a mobile setting leading to contextual effects such as shaky operation due to the train moving, turning or stopping, changing lighting conditions, crowdiness and shoulder-surfing and so on.

Maintaining the high level of customer satisfaction and enabling direct feedback from users and reflecting these in all customer contacts is expected from AIR. Holding Graz Linien expects to improve the quality of the services as well as the cost-efficiency of obtaining feedback from its customers through implementation of the methodologies developed in AIR.