KEBA is successful in the implementation of complex automation tasks. Its extensive experience in development and production is a guarantee for the highest possible quality. In the field of industrial automation KEBA provides automation solutions for plastic processing machines and robots, the construction of plant and machinery in general as well as mobile operator control solutions.

In the field of banking and service automation the focus is on self-service systems for banks, last mile solutions for mail and logistics companies and automation solutions for lottery companies.

In the energy automation division KEBA provides infrastructure solutions for eMobility and heating solutions for biomass heating systems of industrial quality in one's own home.

The user interface is a key factor within an automation solution. To meet the increasing need for simplicity also complex machines should be used by means of a simple, self-explanatory interface  - KEBA continuously tracks the developments in the consumer market. Within the framework of this project KEBA is not only able to get an actual survey of these developments and future technologies, but can also check the maturity and usability of new technologies with the help of prototype-tests. The goal is to identify new possibilities for the interface design of our products, especially for the area of the service automation.

The integration of new Services and Interaction paradigms within Self-Service-Automation enables our current customers to develop new business applications to attain greater economic advantages. Thus the results of these research activities enable KEBA to hold the Innovation Lead and further to differentiate its position among the remaining market.