A1 Telekom Austria


A1 Telekom Austria is Austria's leading provider of telecommunication services, encompassing 5.1 million mobile communications customers and 2.3 million fixed access lines. A1 Telekom Austria's customers benefit from a global package of offers from one source: voice telephony, Internet access, data and IT solutions, value added services, wholesale services, and mobile business and payment solutions. A1 Telekom Austria is part of the Telekom Austria Group a leading telecom provider in the CEE region. The Telekom Austria Group has international operations in eight CEE countries.

The major focus in AIR is on future and convergent services for the home in relation to our TV developments,  solutions and services for the special segment of elderly people, social connectivity applications, home & security as well as extending home feeling to outside of the home, supporting the added costumer value generation.

Based on the prototype oriented characteristic of the project we expect fast development. Before transferred into operational development, trials in realistic situations will give valuable input for further decisions. The concepts and prototypes will be linked to the preparation of products for Christmas 2011 - 2013.