Musterhotel GmbH


Musterhotel GmbH has 30 employees and is focusing on IT solutions for gastronomy and hotel environments. Musterhotel is a modern, functional hotel that serves as a showroom for modern facilities and high end technologies embedded to real life environment for gastronomy context. It offers applied research opportunity for process management. In addition Musterhotel provides approved existing hard- and software and individual software solutions as well. All these products are customized in particular for the requirements in restaurant and hotel environments. Musterhotel aims to cooperate with scientific partners and benefit from theory driven improvements for concretizing to the market innovative solutions on user experience of ICT applications in gastronomy.

The main focus within AIR is on innovative interfaces for purchasing systems in the gastro-area, in particular for self-service applications in restaurants and bars. Musterhotel expects benefits in operator billing especially from cooperating with A1 Telekom Austria.

The main goals in AIR are to investigate user requirements, to evaluate existing interfaces and finally to develop a new interface for our self-service system in the gastro-area.