Noldus Information Technology BV develops software tools and integrated measurement systems for the study of human behaviour, emotion and human-system interaction. The products range from data collection and analysis software to complete behavioural research facilities. The company currently employs 120 people and operates from offices in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, USA and China. The headquarters is located in Wageningen (The Netherlands). Our R&D department comprises some 35 scientists and engineers, performing research on digital video and multimedia, computer vision, sensor technology, signal processing, electronic and mechanical engineering, and software application development.

Noldus Information Technology has an internationally leading position in the market for behavioural research systems. Noldus products are used in more than 5,500 organizations in over 75 countries in a variety of vertical markets, including software, financial services, telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, medical systems, and consumer electronics (lifestyle & wellness). Furthermore, Noldus software is used at psychology, computer science and ergonomics departments of universities around the world.

Within the AIR project, Noldus will contribute to the development and validation of novel methods and tools for the evaluation of human-system interaction and user experience. Research tools such as The Observer XT, FaceReader, uLog and uASQ will be deployed in user studies, which will yield valuable feedback about the functionality, usability and robustness of these tools. Furthermore, new measurement concepts and prototypes of new research tools for automatic recognition of user behaviour and emotion will be field-tested.

The results of the AIR project will help us to improve the design and quality of our research tools, which will ultimately lead to increased customer satisfaction, increased sales of our current portfolio and successful marketing of novel products.