PL.O.T is a well-known Austrian business, based in Vienna and operating in the area of software development. PL.O.T has already more than twenty years of experience in the development of individual software for large service operations. Starting from the area of financial services such as banks and insurance companies the range of clients extends to transport telematics applications and to public administration. A number of years ago PL.O.T began to utilize its experience and products to the area of e-government and transport telematics solutions. These efforts have resulted in a fully developed range of software products based on open source solutions and open technologies such as XML and Web services that support different kinds of application scenarios.

In respect with the dynamic advancement in telecommunication technology areas, in AIR we are involved in the conception and development of advanced service interaction solutions and mobile devices. We are motivated to reach a leading role in the field of software development. In relation with our current know how in the fields of software design and development, we seek to extend these skills by collaborating with the consortium partners for broader applications especially regarding the improvement of the technological understanding of mobile devices.

As a goal we will be able to offer advanced software-based assistance to our customers and partners. This allows them to guarantee attractive solutions in automated service application areas. Of further interest is to reach new markets (supplier and user needs) by extending existing knowledge in software development to new suppliers, service ideas and service offers.