Ovos is a Vienna-based digital agency in which 15 people with the most diverse backgrounds work interdisciplinary on various online projects. Ovos creates digital worlds of experience imparting content in a fun and enthusiastic way. We are experts in the field of Serious Games and the emerging market of Educational Games.

Our focus within the AIR project is to investigate different contexts of use for serious games as well user needs in these contexts. Of special interest are the contexts of home and extended home (e.g. through mobile devices) as well as the comparison to the typical school context.  The understanding of the contexts of use will help to further develop our serious games products, adapt them to user needs and expectations and to identify possible advanced interaction modalities for specific contexts.

There seems to be an invisible wall which prevents the usage of educational games at school AND at home, it usually is a whether the one or the other context.

Within the Project Ludwig (, a 3D adventure on renewable energy, we will investigate the different contexts, especially the extended home context for educational games (gaming as homework, social context, support and acceptance from parents, etc.)