Commend International


Can you imagine a system that Millions of people rely on every day, where every word has to count? This is the world of Commend! Commends passion is for hands free voice communication, where you can talk into a help point with an operator, for example on a station platform and hear every word without shouting, with a train pulling in behind of you. Or a surgeon asking for assistance through an intercom panel whilst using their hands to operate and many more applications.
As the global market leader with over 40 years in developing voice technology, Commend has integrated video and interfaces to 3rd Party equipment complying with international norms and standards. Commend is the natural choice for hands free voice communication systems all over the world.

Commend International is an Austrian company which develops and manufactures Security and Communication systems for protection of people, buildings and values. The Commend International GmbH was founded in 1971 and is one of the worlds largest providers of Intercom Systems. Rescue forces, fire brigade, police and other security facilities rely on the dependability of this Salzburg based Company as well as hospitals and nursing homes. Terminals, modules and stations from Commend for integration of speech, image and data can also be found in control rooms of the German automobile industry, in emergency call systems of subways, such as the London Underground, in many buildings for control of barriers and lifts and increase security on parking lots, parking garages. With an export quota of approx. 95% the Commend products and solutions are long term investments, because they can be expanded and upgraded.

Within the project the partner will work in the area of Advanced Service Interactions with emphasis on the optimization of service delivery (e.g. in car parks) through the development of mobile control panel applications, usability and accessibility of detachable displays and interfaces as well as solutions of accurate media content distribution for enhanced event monitoring.

As a competent partner in the development of security and communication systems, COMMEND provides the technological infrastructure for services in various areas e.g. public or private facility surveillance. Operations become more and more complex requiring service personal to use and monitor various communication channels and at the same time to be able to adequately and immediately react to occurring events. The collaboration with COMMEND within the AIR project especially targets on the elaboration of novel interface solutions for the successful interaction with security and communication service terminal systems (i.e. emergency control, car parking surveillance). The overall goal in this domain is to increase work efficiency in work processes on the one hand and to enhance accordant service quality as well as customer satisfaction on the other hand.